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Hello and New Opening Times

Good morning everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. I’m sure like many getting around the nuances of the pandemic has been quite difficult. We have been here all the time and in the main got everything done for all our clients.

The one thing I would like to do it thank everybody that we have worked with over the past few years, for their patience and understanding when things have not run smoothly or we would’ve liked due to either staff shortages or simply not been able to get the materials to do the job quickly.

As a result of trying things out over this period we have decided to work longer days Monday to Thursday and a shorter day on Friday, please see our new opening times below.

Monday to Thursday 8.00am until 5:00pm
Friday 8:00am until 12:30pm

Telephones are answered outside of these hours on Friday via a diversion.

When it comes to large format graphics most people these days think of giant full colour image led wall graphics. However there is an alternative and this of course is cut vinyl graphics. Cut vinyl cuts down the cost and can be applied to hundreds of surfaces with great effect. .As you can see from the images below cut vinyl logos and cut vinyl lettering has been used to great effect to create a bright, vibrant and effective visual.


Working in conjunction with Thistle Print in Leeds we were proud to be asked both to produce and install the graphics below for Quality Bearings of Bramley Leeds. The graphics were to reinforce the well-known brand within their Leeds facility. Quality bearings operate within more than 107 countries throughout the world.
Stacks Image 490
Stacks Image 492
Stacks Image 494
Qbol (Quality Bearings Online) are a multi award winning company, supplying bearings and engineering spares to customers in over 107 countries. They pride themselves on offering trusted brands, expert knowledge, excellent customer service and rapid delivery anywhere in the world...within 2 working days
Stacks Image 498
Stacks Image 500
All of the graphics above and below are cut vinyl. Produced on one of our brand-new vinyl cutters. Also expertly fitted by our fully trained fitting team, Mark & Ian.
Stacks Image 502
Stacks Image 3
Stacks Image 6
Stacks Image 9
Stacks Image 12

Things Are Changing...Fast

I think it is clear that the social distancing "distance "will change in the coming weeks. At the moment most graphics say two metres And this will quickly render them outdated. Ark Display Graphics I've put together a range of graphics giving the same message but without a lifespan. Give us a call on Leeds 01132574477 #graphics #socialdistancing #floorgraphics #floorstickers
Stacks Image 467
Stacks Image 469
Stacks Image 3
Stacks Image 6
Stacks Image 9
Stacks Image 12

Social Distancing graphics

Social distancing is now a huge part of all our lives. People are scouring the Internet for social distancing floor graphics, screens, signs, posters and notices. We have a full range of artworks for most situations and we will gladly give our customers them these templates free of charge.

As many companies who produce these kinds of products are increasing their prices in an opportunistic way Ark Display Graphics have reduced their prices significantly. We have done this for a number of reasons but one of the best reasons is to support our customers who like us, are finding it difficult in these very strange times.
Stacks Image 424

Social distancing counter floor graphic
800mm x 600mm only £52 +VAT
complete with anti-slip laminate.
As above, 1200mm x 900mm £70 +VAT

Stacks Image 446
Stacks Image 448
Stacks Image 452
Stacks Image 450
The above, floor graphics complete with anti-slip laminate start from only £4.66 if you are buying 100. There is no minimum quantity and we will do our very best to keep the prices low for smaller quantities even if that's just two.

One Large Sustainable Sign

Stacks Image 404
We reused some legs and structure from a previous sign, which was locally sourced timber. The sign is printed using Latex 15 year inks, totally harmless to the environment.

When you need a new head office sign who ya gonna call?, no not Ghostbusters, Ark of course. Then the big day arrived, and we dug, and dug until all remnants of the old sign were removed after all the planning applications were approved of course.
Stacks Image 409
Stacks Image 411
We Reused some legs and structure from a previous sign, which was locally sourced timber. The sign is printed using Latex 15 year inks, totally harmless to the environment.


It's all a bit High for me!

I don't like heights, not one bit, the second rung of a ladder is about my limit, and even though I know our team are very highly trained and massively safety conscious, it really gives me the wobbles when we work so high, but they just laugh at me or say something even more derogatory.

As you can see from the scaffolding this was a high one. A smaller building inside a massive building that needed huge graphics at one of its many entrances. The company we were working for "Wave Creative" and the ultimate client have the highest standards of Health & Safety in Europe.
Stacks Image 387
Stacks Image 395
Our team, Mark, fitting and factory manager & Ian, joiner with a huge knowledge of fitting on commercial projects assessed the job before we started manufacturing. After consultation with Wave Creative and an agreed H&S policy, method statements and risk documents were drawn up and approved.

Mark and Ian them manufactured and fitted the frames and panels inside the building.

If you have a project why not give our team a call on 01132574477 or email us on

Stacks Image 385

Safety is everything

Most companies take health and safety seriously now, you simply have to and no responsible company wouldn't. Ark have gone a stage further with all our staff being uniformed and all our staff being fully trained for the tasks in hand. This may be simple graphics fitting or very complex graphics fitting but be assured the staff doing your fitting will be fully trained and very experienced.

Most of our fitting takes place with our own in house fitting team and they all cary all the certificates including CSCS and PASMA.

We have all the facilities you would expect from a company that takes care of taking care with your graphics!

Stacks Image 368
Stacks Image 370


As some may know, Ark Display have for many many years been as responsible as we can be with recycling. We have for over eight years used and sold recycled PVC products. With our partners "Pyramid" we now have as many as 25 new plastic free sheet materials for print.

Most are available in sheets of 8 x 4 feet as is industry standard and are direct replacements for the products we all use every day. A great alternative to 5mm PVC is our 3.5mm alternative called Epiflex polyline 600 this is just as rigid as 5mm PVC but without the guilt. It can be completely recycled and is a cat 5 product.

If you think this is ARK jumping on the popular plastic free band wagon then pop over to a very popular blog I have written for more than ten years.
Stacks Image 343
Stacks Image 345
Stacks Image 347

If you would like to know more about our plastic free offerings as well as other products please give me a call on 01132574477 and ask for Steve.

Stacks Image 341

Below Chris Packham discusses the uses of plastics in a realistic way
Please watch.

Stacks Image 3
Stacks Image 6
Stacks Image 9
Stacks Image 12

More Print for conservation

The large welcoming interpretation wall sign below was printed onto recycled PVC using long lasting water based inks. The print was produced using one of our large format digital printers with the very latest Latex ink technologies.

Latex is definitely the way ahead when it comes to ultra low impact printing. Hewlett Packard, the inks manufacturer's even claim you can drink it! Not something I would recommend, stick to tea, Yorkshire tea of course.

If you would like any further information on this or any other of our services, give us a call or email us.
Stacks Image 322

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Working with the internal team at West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue is always a real pleasure and this project was no exception. An internal communications wall was needed with places for A size posters and magnetic memo stations throughout the building. The wall was designed so that the 3D magnetics and be updated as the years go by with new and or updated graphics.

From virtual to reality

The best signs we have ever manufactured? Probably! But I hope to manufacture more like it, this is one of a set of signs going into a beautiful area of Staffordshire known as the Wolseley Centre and is the flagship development of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. The signs have been a design collaboration between the amazing design team at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and us.

Sally & Matthew from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust graphics team have worked tirelessly to ensure these signs look amazing. Manufactured from a combination of two long lasting woods including Larch, one of our most beautiful and sustainable woods. The team at ARK have designed a flexible system of interchangeable panels that can be updated without changing the whole sign, this gives many years of service.

If you are a wildlife, conservation organisation or group and would like Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and ARK to collaborate on a project for you, from a single sign to a whole site then call us at ARK or Sally Henderson at
YWT 01904 659570 to start your journey to remarkable signs.
Stacks Image 299

Ripon's Latest Nature Reserve

Ripon City Wetlands is one of Ripon's latest attractions. Managed by the team at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust this incredible site is now being prepared for wildlife and the wildlife visitor. Due to open to the public in May we have just installed the first part of the interpretation signs.

As you can see the signs have been designed with empathy for the site and the natural landscape.
Stacks Image 258
Stacks Image 263
Stacks Image 265
Manufactured from wood from sustainable forests in the UK, the timber is long lasting and great looking, fitting in with the sites purpose.
Stacks Image 274
Stacks Image 276
Above: Sometimes there is absolutely no need for new, up cycling old signs and giving them years more life is both good for our natural world and the bank balance. I'm sure you agree that this is the best way to use existing good quality signs. The new panels look good and mark the site as a well thought out attraction.

For more about Ripon City Wetlands click ILOVEYWT
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Stacks Image 9
Stacks Image 12

Office Decals and Signage

One of the finest rail contractors in the country JMD Rail asked Ark Display's Steve Farley to come up with some ideas to spruce up the offices in Wakefield and deliver a message with its brand values. These brand values are at the heart of Grand Central's management of this award winning rail company.

Below is one of the strongest graphics, well known to Grand Centrals customers and staff alike. Known as the heart graphic this instantly delivers route information for the network.
Stacks Image 232
Below: Brand re enforcement through branded signage and eyecatching graphics has transformed the offices and reminds everyone visiting of the values of this company.
Stacks Image 244
All of the signage including these one meter round circles are mounted on hidden studs to give a 3D effect.
Stacks Image 246
Stacks Image 239

China, Bruce Lee & Distribution.

On Tuesday I met up with two great clients that have become great friends. Emma & David Gannon are consultants, facilitators, imagineers. How many times a day do you hear the word consultant? How many times a day does your phone ring only to hear the words energy consultant, waste consultant or telecommunications consultant?

Well, these people are different, they are different because they know the difference between the word consultant and sales person or sales executive. There is nothing wrong with being a sales person, Iv'e been one all my life, in fact if you run a successful business you need everyone in that business to be a sales person to some degree.

We met in Birmingham at the offices and warehouse of a huge Chinese company that largely manufacture extremely high quality products in China, yes high quality. If you think about Chinese products you automatically think cheap but you really need to think again. What about all the worlds top brands, and I do mean top brands. Mr Vuitton, Mr Bulgari and M&S all have incredible brands but who makes their products!
Today I met Mr Bruce Lee and he didnt kick my face off
Steve Farley
I was introduced to Mr Bruce Lee, an extremely nice chap with an incredible smile. He was something else too, he knew his onions and there was several hundred different, incredible onions, equal to if not better than any other onion you have ever seen. He knew every one personally and so did Emma and David. They have invested in our country with people, yes employment for our young people and stock, millions of pounds in stock.

They need help in the UK, and they have found it in the Gannon's, Emma & David have imagined a British company a company that looks British, behaves British and has value, real value. Imagineers are needed to take the company into this new era. Imagine Chinese goods, genuine top quality, with a British guarantee, based in Britain, employing British people!

David and Emma have imagined a superb, good looking and effective facility in Birmingham and telling these people how to achieve their goals of being a superb Chinese/British company. They have done it for others many many times, you just wouldn't bet against them.

My job is to help them achieve this with a good looking building, reception and showrooms, sometimes you wake up in the morning and just connect with life, great people and new opportunities. I feel alive until my next kicking anyway.

Wooden signs manufactured by Ark

How will my sign look after a year? This is a question we are often asked, especially about wooden signs, lecterns and frames. The signs below are now over a year old and still look great even though they are literally in the middle of a meadow.
Stacks Image 185
Stacks Image 190
Stacks Image 192

British Army Foxglove Covert

The stainless steel signs below are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel with welded and folded underparts. This method ensures no sharp edges and the life expectancy is around 25 years. These have box section legs that will not rot or show the usual stainless steel streaks.

The hexagonal table graphics are manufactured to be very robust with a sectional Pet-g table top. Pet-g is a material used in many applications including the manufacture of bullet proof glass.

Watch the video to find out more.
Stacks Image 146
Pet-g is a material used in many applications including the manufacture of bullet proof glass.
Steve Farley
Stacks Image 151
Stacks Image 156
Stacks Image 162
Stacks Image 164

Sometimes only the best will do...

Working with really great passionate people is always a pleasure. The people we worked with on this occasion were both wonderful and very knowledgable. This beautiful set of complimentary signs were commissioned to tell a story, a rather unusual story.

Also the signage had to be robust and have the ability to be updated. The story of this parkland is reminiscent of a bygone age and was told and displayed in an engaging way.

We have a passion for Signage manufacturing and the ability to design and manufacture signs to a very high standard. Signage built to withstand the kind of pressure places upon it in the harshest of environments is the main stay of our sign manufacturing standards.

Stacks Image 126
Stacks Image 133
Stacks Image 135
Stacks Image 131

A Brand New Carpenter

Today is a very important day for Ark Display. We took the decision many months ago that we need a carpenter, someone who can take all our ideas and turn them into "Things" beautiful well thought out and well made things. Continuing the ark tradition of quality we needed a person of immense knowledge and the ability to put that knowledge into practice, the practice of making, manufacturing and designing.

We put the position of Joiner out on job sites, the internet and even a little social media, not bad for us old farts. A massive 270 people applied, yes 270 people were interested in what we do and wanted to be a part of our journey. We are please to tell you that our new carpentry department is open for business as from today.

Contact Gavin
Call: 01132574477

Cut out Figures

Digital Print is at the heart of our business and most customers know that's what we do. But did you know that we can print onto lots of materials like wood and metal. We can print onto materials up to 50mm thick three meters long. Large format print is only a small part of what we can do, we manufacture all sorts of things for our customers both Digital Print related and not.
Stacks Image 15
Stacks Image 20
A hole has been cut to allow someone to push their head through. This is often used in conjunction with social media feeds. If you print a QR code on the front as well, people will be directed to your website or media feed.
Stacks Image 22
Foldable struts have been added for easy transported and gives excellent stability

Powick, Worcester

We were asked by Christianity in Culture, to collaborate with them on a project using digital displays, digitally printed interpretation to tell the story of how Powick near Worcester played a major part in the English civil war. At first, we were looking at large illuminated Lightbox's but after a visit to the church, it didn't feel right.

It's a long drive to Worcester, however with Louise from
Christianity in culture onboard it soon past with talks of how we could deliver a display full of innovation and kerb appeal. Upon entering the church, the first thing that hits you are words like beauty, quality and heritage. To stick three eight foot light boxes Inside throwing LED light all over would be quite wrong and really foolish.

Between myself and Louise we honed down the requirements and started looking at different materials that would complement the church. Wood is prominent and the ceiling inside would be described as magnificent in any culture. Then there is stone, beautiful stonework that just seamlessly melts into the wooden ceiling. I thought cannon balls, it would be great to display canon balls and musket balls in small Perspex cases.

This is very much a work in progress, but we produced the 3D visuals below to illustrate the idea. I'm still alive after showing them to Louise, all by precious facial features are all blood free …result, Louise liked the idea.

The Powicks that be also liked it, so we are now starting the next phase and I will update later.

Stacks Image 91
Stacks Image 93
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