China, Bruce Lee & Distribution.

On Tuesday I met up with two great clients that have become great friends. Emma & David Gannon are consultants, facilitators, imagineers. How many times a day do you hear the word consultant? How many times a day does your phone ring only to hear the words energy consultant, waste consultant or telecommunications consultant?

Well, these people are different, they are different because they know the difference between the word consultant and sales person or sales executive. There is nothing wrong with being a sales person, Iv'e been one all my life, in fact if you run a successful business you need everyone in that business to be a sales person to some degree.

We met in Birmingham at the offices and warehouse of a huge Chinese company that largely manufacture extremely high quality products in China, yes high quality. If you think about Chinese products you automatically think cheap but you really need to think again. What about all the worlds top brands, and I do mean top brands. Mr Vuitton, Mr Bulgari and M&S all have incredible brands but who makes their products!
Today I met Mr Bruce Lee and he didnt kick my face off
Steve Farley
I was introduced to Mr Bruce Lee, an extremely nice chap with an incredible smile. He was something else too, he knew his onions and there was several hundred different, incredible onions, equal to if not better than any other onion you have ever seen. He knew every one personally and so did Emma and David. They have invested in our country with people, yes employment for our young people and stock, millions of pounds in stock.

They need help in the UK, and they have found it in the Gannon's, Emma & David have imagined a British company a company that looks British, behaves British and has value, real value. Imagineers are needed to take the company into this new era. Imagine Chinese goods, genuine top quality, with a British guarantee, based in Britain, employing British people!

David and Emma have imagined a superb, good looking and effective facility in Birmingham and telling these people how to achieve their goals of being a superb Chinese/British company. They have done it for others many many times, you just wouldn't bet against them.

My job is to help them achieve this with a good looking building, reception and showrooms, sometimes you wake up in the morning and just connect with life, great people and new opportunities. I feel alive until my next kicking anyway.
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