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Light through graphics is nothing new, but most people think of this method of display as lightbox's, bulky, awkward and not the best looking. Well, we like to think outside the box, and the image on the left is of Worcester Cathedral undercroft. the problem was that the lighting in the undercroft was not befitting such a beautiful interesting place, the graphics boards were old and needed replacing. We came up with the idea of illuminated interchangeable tapestries, printed on quite a special fabric and LED lighting.
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LED Lightsheet with two layers!
The video shows just how things can look very different with a little sp
arkle. One lightsheet with a two layer effect, we have used this technique on a few installations and it looks amazing.

Bright colours, this unit attracts attention, in fact demands attention!
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This installation was a major undertaking and a major exhibition. The lightbox configuration was massive, with ten 8ft x 4ft interlinking boxes with interconnecting non illuminated graphics and a 60" touch screen. all the graphics are printed on fabric and can be changed in minutes.
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Unusual illumination
Well the images speak for themselves
Designed, Manufactured and Installed with sp

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