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Light through graphics is nothing new, but most people think of this method of display as lightbox's, bulky, awkward and not the best looking. Well, we like to think outside the box, and the image on the left is of Worcester Cathedral undercroft. the problem was that the lighting in the undercroft was not befitting such a beautiful interesting place, the graphics boards were old and needed replacing. We came up with the idea of illuminated interchangeable tapestries, printed on quite a special fabric and LED lighting.
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LED Lightsheet with two layers!
The video shows just how things can look very different with a little sp
arkle. One lightsheet with a two layer effect, we have used this technique on a few installations and it looks amazing.

Bright colours, this unit attracts attention, in fact demands attention!
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This installation was a major undertaking and a major exhibition. The lightbox configuration was massive, with ten 8ft x 4ft interlinking boxes with interconnecting non illuminated graphics and a 60" touch screen. all the graphics are printed on fabric and can be changed in minutes.
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Unusual illumination
Well the images speak for themselves
Designed, Manufactured and Installed with sp

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Wall Boards

Manufactured from many different materials and styles, these boards can be just to shapes, joined together like jigsaws and are fixed with Hidden Fixings.
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Coin and note box's

Beautiful freestanding box's with perspex tops, all made to measure any size, and shape.
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False Graphic Walls

We can manufacture walls, cubes and cylinders with graphics, Tv's and or video screens inbuilt. This one shows a matching counter with iPad pods.
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Point of sale units.

Usually manufactured for salesrooms these units are bespoke and designed based on your products, this one is also mobile, they can have LED systems inbuilt often in the form of light boxes.
Bespoke Display unit with graphics

Simple point of sale.

Here is an example of a simple point of sale unit manufactures so it folds flat for transport. This kind of unit is highly visible and represents great value.
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From permanent to temporary, washable and laminated we have it all. Fully installed by our team.
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Your logo, decals and messages onto glass, all colours and special frostings all expertly fitted.
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Custom Installations

Factory signs but to withstand oil and dirt.
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Full Cafe Signs and Counters

Your description goes here.
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Outdoor Signs

Hanging Signs
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Cut Out Figures

Freestanding cut out figures and seaside "push your head through" displays
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Beautiful Art

Bespoke museum installations
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Manufactured from steel.
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Stainless Steel Fabricated Signage

The very best in signage built to withstand 25 years of weather.
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Hanging Chalk Board Menu

Reusable chalk boards
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Wall Graphics

Unusual Circular canvas graphics
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Bespoke Items

Four sided Lightbox for TV advert
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Ark Display Graphics produce large format digital print from their factory in Leeds West Yorkshire. Digital Print is at the heart of our business, the staff are passionate about producing the very best digital print we can. Utilising over 25 years of digital print experience coupled with inventive and innovative mounting and laminating techniques we are really a force to be reckoned with in the digital print and digital display, Pos and exhibition markets.

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ARK are able to digital print onto wood, metal, vinyl, aluminium, cloth, banner, plastics, roll material, sheet material and 100s of other materials for thousands of applications.

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